TakeYour Child to Work Day

YouTube - Take your Child to work day!
4/25/17 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
BrainVyne (Providers of LEGO® Education) is delighted to entertain your kids on this special "Bring Your Child To Work" day! The children will have a chance to interact with our fun robotics builds - A drumming monkey and our hissing R3PTAR, as well as get hands on and enjoy a build or two.
The LEGO® activities work best in a fixed size group of kids on a schedule, so please pick a time slot that works best for you and/or your kid(s). Kids older than 10Y will enjoy our activity and are welcome to attend.
Bricks for Tots 3Y - 4Y: We'll have tubs of DUPLO for the kids to play and create pokemon characters with.  The little ones will also have a chance to create a paper pickachu!
PokeMania 5Y - 11Y: A fun activity where each child will work with a parent and create a pokeball! Building a ball with LEGO is mighty fun! We'll also have other motorized builds like a jet ski!