What if we only plan to invite 15 kids?

We have base price of $500 upto 20 kids. So you cost is still $500 for the 15 kids



Where is your party venue?

We have contracts with a few party spaces in Palo Alto. The spaces are a large room with tables & chairs. Contact us to get the venue address.

Is there an extra venue use fee?

Yes. It ranges from $40/hr to $115/hr, based on the venue.  We need the space for 2.5 - 3 hrs. 

Can the venue be rented for more than 2 hrs?

Yes. Bear in mind that parties longer than 3 hrs wear children out.

How many guests can a venue hold?

Varies. Our default Palo Alto venue can hold up to 24-28 kids comfortably. We can rent larger locations and provide liability insurance for larger groups of  50-100. We can set up the space to suit the size of your group.

Will you come over to our house to party?

We are unable to host in-home parties. You want the mess out of your home, so come party with us at our venue. 

How long are your birthday parties?

2 hours of entertainment and 30-45 minutes to set up and clean up.

Do you provide decorations?

Yes, only at our venue or a larger venue we rent on your behalf. We set up, decorate and clean up. We also carry the liability insurance to use this space. We are unable to bring along decorations to your home or a space you rent.

Can we bring along our own decorations to your venue?

Yes. We’d be delighted to hang it up for you.

Do you have a minimum number of kids that you charge for?

 Yes, 20 kids.


Can these motorized builds be themed?

Yes, we offer Star Wars, Super Heros, Ninjago, Pokemon, LEGO® Friends etc.

Do the kids get to take home the motorized builds?

No, our builds cost close to $50 ea. They get to build and play with it. We have other party favor options we can help with.

What happens after the kids complete and play with the motorized build?

The kids are rallied around a beautifully decorated cake table for the birthday singing and photos.

What happens after the photos and singing?

The kids leave the space to go wash hands. When the kids are busy washing hands, we put away the LEGO® and set up the space for the meal - lunch/cake or snack/cake, based on the time of the day you choose to host the party.

What happens after the hand washing?

When the kids return our instructors will help you with the food service and all the guests will eat. After the food, based on amount of time left over, we fit in a fun group game. The party culminates with party favors and good byes.

Can we cater in whatever food we like?

Yes. We can also make recommendations for great pizza places close by that deliver. We are happy to take care of the pizza order for an extra charge

What should we bring along?

Plates, cups, utensils, juice, water, candles, napkins, matches, cake.

What are the party favor options?

You can see a sample bag here. The bag contains a LEGO necklace, a boy or girl mini-figure, a pair of mini-figure shaped crayons/ a LEGO pencil.  

We have a wide age range of kids attending the party, will they all have fun?

Of course, our builds cater to kids 4Y - 12Y old.

What about the babies/younger kids?

We do not count the younger kids towards the grand total. Only kids that can participate in the motorized build are charged for. We bring along DUPLO (larger LEGO®) and set up a fun area for the babies to keep busy at.

Will one of your instructors supervise the babies/ younger kids?

No, the parents will need to keep an eye on their babies

Do you offer parties for kids 4 years or younger?

The minimum age for our motorized build party is 4 years old. For pre-school aged kids, we recommend waiting a year to celebrate with us.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash or Check made out to BrainVyne LLC. We can accept credit card payments, but you will need to pay the 4% credit card transactional charges

What happens in the two hour duration of a party?

We start the party with free play with thousands of loose LEGO® to buy time for all the guests to arrive. Once the guests have arrived and settled in, every child will put together a super fun motorized build and play with it.

Can we bring along a pinata?

Yes. Please be sure to discuss specifics with us. For liability reasons, we do not provide any rope, bats or any supplies needed for the pinata. Please bring everything you need.

Can we serve alcohol at the party?

No. We are a children's education business and so do not carry a liquor license.

What is your cancellation Policy?

Our deposit of $75 is non-refundable. We ask that you notify us as soon as you change plans. Please email legobirthdays@brainvyne.com


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