2019 Employee Waivers/Forms

Review this calendar to know when you will be paid for work completed each week. 

MANDATORY - Must be completed by all instructors.

We need you to complete this form with a physician pre-designation. If you do not have a specific physician you see, please enter information for the medical center you are tied to.

Meal Break/Labor Law & Phone Policy

MANDATORY - Must be completed by all instructors.


Meal Break  - As a camp counselor you are always responsible for campers and so cannot take breaks. 

Labor Law - Acknowledge receipt of the labor laws and use it as a reference if you have any questions

Cell Phone Use Policy at Camp 

W4 - Taxes

MANDATORY - Please complete this form by typing in it and save as a pdf. Then open the pdf to check if the information you typed in is saved. If it looks good, please send the completed form to hr@brainvyne.com or bring it in when you come to training.

Overtime Laws for Summer Counselors

This is an acknowledgement that you have been notified of the overtime labor laws for summer camp counselors.

Live Scan - Fingerprinting Form

OPTIONAL - You must complete live scan only if we have requested you to do so. If you are required to complete a live scan, please print two copies of this form and google "Live scan near me" Find a police station, UPS Store or a center that provides the service and go in and complete the livescan. Attach the receipt to the form and bring in the proof of completion of livescan and payment receipt so you can be reimbursed. In some cases, our partners will mandate that you go to a certain police station in a specific city and we would need you to oblige. Thank you!

TB Test Form

OPTIONAL - You must complete a TB test only if we have requested you to do so. Certain locations where we run our programs mandate TB testing. If you will be working at these sites then you need to complete a TB test. Stay tuned to hear from us. 

Background Check Form

Mandatory - All new hires must complete this form. 

2019 - Minor Work Permit

Permit paperwork required for all minors

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