Daniele Benedetelli

Robotics Instruction Designer

An Italian robotics engineer, and world-famous LEGO® Mindstorms robotics creator, Daniele is a high school math teacher by day and a freelance LEGO® designer by night. His YouTube® videos have more than 5 million views and his robots have been featured in many international shows. 


Daniele was specially selected by the LEGO® Company to serve on the MINDSTORMS team and provide expertise with product testing, development, and promotion of the NXT line, and serves on an exclusive 12 person expert panel that tests and develops new products. He also works as a programmer with LEGO® Education, to help develop software for EV3 Education sets. He is the author of three books that provide build and program instructions for creating cool LEGO® Mindstorms Robots. 


His famous robots include Legonardo, an anthropomorphic robot that draws portraits with a unique style and Cyclops, a creature that can walk, turn, gesticulate, talk, and interact with people by detecting faces and gestures.  http://robotics.benedettelli.com